My work has been produced at Edinburgh Fringe, Sacred Fools, and MeetCute LA.


Number 12 Looks Just Like the Sunken Place

Short One Act (10 Min)

In a not so distant future, the "system" gives Black women anything their heart desires, except freedom.


Produced at Edinburgh Fringe (Summer 2018) & Sacred Fools' We The People (Winter 2018 /Winter 2020)

Coriola cast copy.jpg


Short One Act (15 Min)

Inspired by Shakespeare's Coriolanus, A newly elected Los Angeles Councilmember is caught between her younger idealism and the realities of government.


Produced Virtually at Together LA Festival (Fall 2020)


Win Win

Duologue (10 Min)


In an age of trendy dispensaries and mass incarceration, two men share their relationship with Marijuana.

Produced at MeetCute LA (Winter 2020) & Sacred Fools' We The People (Summer 2018)


Orange Juice (or Rest In Power Latasha Harlins)

Short One Act (5 Min)


As Los Angeles mirrors an uprising that took place nearly three decades before, so does an encounter between a young protester and shop owner in a K-Town convenience store


Produced Virtually at Company of Angels' What's Going On? (Summer 2020) 

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Don't Tread On Black Mamba

Short One Act (10 Min)


Angelenos of various backgrounds discuss the legacy of Kobe Bryant on a southbound #83 bus in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.


Produced at Sacred Fools' We The People (Winter 2020) 


Latent Rapists

Short One Act (10 Min)


Angie grapples with the decision to confront her rapist and what that means for the tight knit Black community at her PWI.


Produced at Sacred Fools' We The People (Fall 2018) 



Short One Act (10 Min)


When Toya secures her dream job, tensions mount with her college roommate.


Produced at Sacred Fools' We The People (Winter 2018) 


They Know Not What They Do

Short One Act (10 Min)

While on break from college, Apphia questions her faith in Christ (and her mother) while grappling with a dark family secret.


Produced at Sacred Fools' We The People (Spring 2019) 

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The Bright Side

Short One Act (10 Min)

Two friends confront their disparate realities in the midst of a global pandemic and social justice movement.


Produced Virtually at Sacred Fools' We The People (Summer 2020)


How Many Drinks Does It Take (to dismantle systemic white supremacy)?

Short One Act (10 Min)


When Wes goes back to Sonny's place after a night of drinking, he gets more than he bargained for.


Produced at Sacred Fools' We The People (Fall 2018) 



Short One Act (10 Min)

A progressive "extremist" group grapples with a scandal within their organization.


Produced at Sacred Fools' We The People (Winter 2019)